Our Training Packages

Whether you are looking for one-on-one attention, trying to get fit with a friend or spouse, or would like to join one of our infamous "V-Fit" small group traiing classes, Varsity House has a wide range of programs that suite all ability levels, goals and aspirations.


Partner Private Training

Small Group Private Training

With a Varsity House membership, you get a wide range of classes that each of our trainers bring their own special aspects and personality to. The training is always different the classes are always fun. Rehardless of your untiltimate goal, one of our classes get that heart bumping and those muscles burning...

"JOE" Strong

Heavy Metal

Jailhouse Friday

Advanced Tactical Training and Conditioning

nutrition and transformation programs

At Varsity House out in house nutritionist and specialized trainers have developed several programs that incorporate both nutrition and fitness. Our smoothie bar the "Swole Station" is here to help our adults and athletes stay on top of their nutrition with natural products, grass fed whey and no artificial sweeteners.. These "SPECIAL" programs are only run a  few times a year so dont miss your oportunity to miss your chance to give your fitness a jump start!

SNAP - Strategic Nutrition Advanced Planning

Varsity Detox


Here at Varsity House we have a large contingency of adult male & female warriors who train with us.  Our adult clients come from all walks of   life from doctors and accountants, to school teachers and stay at home  moms. However all who train with us have one thing in common: they hate  training at the so called health clubs and want something different  for  their training.

They want to train like a bad ass and not be bothered  by the BS social  scene associated with going to a big health club.  They want to train in a way that translates to the real world, training with function.  With  that in mind we have been able to help our clients  achieve amazing  results that are consistent and lasting.

The classes we offer will allow you to consistently integrate a physical  training regiment into your exisiting lifestyle, while utilizing a  variety of  techniques and specialized progressions to keep the sessions fun and challenging.

v-fitVarsity Fit

Varsity Fit is our signature functional cross training class.  This class has it all…weights, cardio, core, and conditioning.  Lift weights, pull sleds, swing kettle bells, and sweat you’re a**es off! Burn up to 700calories/class!


joe strongJOE STRONG

Joe STRONG is our advanced training class. Can you keep up with the BOSS MAN?!  Test your physicality and your mental toughness with this intense metabolic muscular endurance class.

heavy hetalHeavy Metal

The goal of this hour of METAL is to increase muscle mass! Centered on multi joint power lifts such as the bench press, squat, deadlift, and a variety of strongman style events. Be prepared for the chalk to fly, the music to be loud, and the weights a clashing! STAY HEAVY!

jailhouseJailhouse Friday

In Varsity House we work hard everyday, but especially on Fridays. We incorporate new and fun drills incorporating odd implements, strongman equipment, slosh-pipes, and others

tactical2Advanced Tactical Training and Conditioning

Our specialized class for emergency responders, police, military, Fire, EMS and more.